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Indian Muslim and Pakistani Muslim : The last sixty years since independence.

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Smear campaign



I have come across a number of Pakistani websites, blogs, medias  that are out to malign India. These are intentional damage Pakistanis are doing against India. 


The creeps are so clever that you will not be able to detect about their intentions. So, my request is if you put importance on any news you have to read it from other medias and sources of information, there are American, European and other Asian news and information sources. I have intended to post here, the evil design of Pakistani creeps.

On this page you will find

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these link will lead you again to .and there are a lot websites and blogs smearing and slandering Indian People. This is call islamism? Maybe.

Informing intentional false and lies are harmful like poison.

 Indian  Muslim and Pakistani Muslim : The last sixty years since independence.Its time for Indians to understand that Pakistan is using ‘Islam, The religion’ to set Indian muslim population against Indian establishment.


 Look at Pakistan for last sixty years.

 1) What Pakistan has given Muslims as security? It’s fragile and unstable country. Its economy is worse than India. It’s an epicenter of bloodshed. Its leaders are cause of international embarrassment. ( the whole world raise index finger for its offence against other countries and it’s internal humanitarian affairs) It never allows democratic ways of expression and treaties, it has been corrupted by its own policies of Military power. It runs by foreign donation. If it gets in touch with any land the land will sink in hell.


Do you like your country as example of Pakistan?


2) In India, Muslims enjoy a status of President, the highest seat of the country.

This is never allowed in Pakistan, how creep it is! You can rule over everyone as human beings, but never you can dominate or rule saying you belong a respective race, colour, nation, religion. It means you are acting as master to others who are not in your folds and slaves or in a seat of insult. In modern time irrespective of race, colour, nation and religion etc. we say we are equal. This is humanity. Those find classification in mankind and have systems to divide by race , colour, religion etc are animals, the whole world look at them with pity and leave some arms to qualify them into human kind. Look except Islam, most countries where other religions have majority, did not claim as Christian or hindu country and would be ruled by religious scripture that were written thousand years ago. What is civilization mean?  ) 




In India,Muslims are leaders in every state. Muslims are open to express any views. Muslims  are as scholars. And enjoying a better status than Pakistan in economy , education, and other sorts of living conditions. Muslims should be grateful to Indian establishment. Indian film industry is very famous than Pakistan, it is next to Hollywood the glamourous world. This Indian film industry has given the most opportunities to Muslims.  Indian Muslims should brave the aggression and ill Intentions toward India and protest and foil all its evil design openly.

Do you think Pakistan could ever be able to give muslims what Indian Government Has given to them? Do Muslim woman who are fond of liberal life style can be ever happy in Pakistani rule that for last sixty years Pakistan displayed? Indian madrasas are better than Pakistan, it caters more knowledge and wisdom in comparison of todays context.


3) Being unable to control the government Pakistan leaders are always making hype and hysteria of war against India. It helps the Pakistani leaders steal the public properties and siphon to other country, it helps Pakistani leaders to turn attention of Pakistani civilians from the arch light that fell on problems inside Pakistan and the failures to the commitment of the Pakistani government.This trickery is very old but it works  on Pakistani soil. It has more internal problems within its territory to grope and ponder. Pakistani news media also speak a lot false and lies being under pressure and wrath of  Government.  Pakistani civilians should access International news for its country if its citizens are willing to see the truth.  Indian Muslims are ( men and women) aware of their status and position as a human being under Islam and over the geographical locations. They are aware also that how selfish way the Muslim leaders under British India bluntly and blatantly, without any foresight or vision, divided an integral India into two nation and countries?  Those Muslim Leaders were elated about partition and conceived a Muslim country ruled by Muslim are the root of today’s miserable state of Muslims in Pakistan. All Muslims in Pakistan are degraded into worst situation of human nature. They are facing bloodsheds, crimes, genocides, degradation of womanhood, insecurity of common man etc. that a civilized country do not face. At least India is better than them. Pakistan, consists of a few states and mostly Muslims population yet we see the government ( flipflop — military and civilian) fails and failing for last sixty years. there is no perfect conditions  of human amenities. It’s a place of terrorism, human right violation, religious fanaticism, and false and lies. People of Pakistan should understand these and find path to the crossroad where it can explore democracy and civilization.


If British India were not divided into two nations I don’t see People in Pakistan, what nightmare it is watching for last sixty years, in education, economy, social condition, religious turmoil, and other sorts of evil attributes that are inflicted in and generated within its ground would not happen. At least south Asia would see a peaceful region that is emerging most gracefully.


The rational citizen should think twice, what is the root of hatred, violence and war in between south Asian countries?

We have different views as individuals, as groups by different aspects. But I believe in coexistence side by side plausible. Because, human being as we are, our priorities are on our own growth and peaceful harmonious living. We need each other for our own survival from different aspects. Never our motto is hurting someone.  We don’t have any profit out of it, rather we see a range of loss in many ways. We have to put importance first on our living—our family—how we bring up our children for better future, for better society, how we share our experience against nature and win, What is explorative and plausible human relations irrespective of traditional and conventional classification. how we struggle for our earnings, how we see and plan our goals etc. if any dispute arises, ( dispute arises and bound to arise in diverse and same society, Dispute is even in our body also, but do we cut limbs/parts our bodies in general, no. we wait and heal and help to recover faster) we have expressions and we understand our mistakes and disputes. Finally, there is a justice system where our grievances are addressed and redressed.


Everything we see by reason, by profit. In real life, life is first, religion is last. Those preach religion they are fraudster, religion is their source of exploitation and through which they earn their luxurious living. They are hypocrites what they preach that they donot follow. They take gullible, vulnerable people for their victims. So don’t mixup religion with your aim and ideals of human life. If you want to see things in true light than read history and information from different source.  One or two source may be biased but I think most countries are not biased with one hype and hypocrisy.


Your quest should be for truth, without proper knowledge you are slave you are not free. you should be aware of the circumstances around you are in. No one would ask you for your answer, but if you know the truth than you are loyal to you and all, otherwise you are slave and used by others.