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Pakistan : A Frankenstein syndrome

Posted in 1 by BLOGGER code 7 on April 2, 2009

pakistan-mapHello dear Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Yousaf Raza Gillani, Rehman Malik ,Asif Ali Zardari and people of Pakistan,

Indians always expressed their sympathy towards all of you whenever terrorists had attacked you . The lahore attack also you see in denial mood.

We read in a gothic novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, a monster had been created by a fictional Swiss scientist Frankenstein from parts of corpses that escaped control and destroyed its creator.  Now in reality we see a monster that was created by Pakistan, to rise as a super power in Asia (South Asia) and ran proxy war with India for long sixty year was very much confident that its monster will shine its name one day and materialise the most cherished dream. But sad to tell it starts backfire to its creator perhaps destroy the whole country. Is there ever a notable leader born in Pakistan?

The creator of Taliban amid Afghanistan – Soviet Union relation about decades back the USA had taste of same Frankenstein story, they had 9/11. But still we see USA as a threat in Asia. It is always meddling and poking nose into the affairs of Asian countries. Under the cover of UN. The Muslim OIC( they do not believe in democracy but Sharia law), USA and Europian Countries like UK, French are competing each other to rise as super power and dominate the rest of the world. This aggressive nature we common people do not like and suffer a lot. We see separatist movement, and terrorist activities which results only blood shed and death toll.

Pakistan thought by nourishing extremism it would be recognized as a super power. All countries would surrender to it cow down or intimidated.

Lahore attacks and other attacks proved it s wrong concept of Pakistan. Terrorism is not the way of spreading message about superiority among countries, and barbarism also not the sign of trust and confidence; barbarism helps terrorism. Half of the Pakistan is under the rule of barbarians. And Pakistan think Talibans are their might.

All terrorists organization with religious edict including Taliban, Al-queda and LeT say they are follower of Islam, they say they are Muslims, they are protector of Islam, Koran, Sharia, Hadith and all that is identified with Islam.If they are wrong why the rest world of Muslims do not curb them and take action.

We have seen most Muslims are the supporter of the terrorists organization, They laughed when 9/11 took place, when suicide squads and bomb blasts took place in European and other countries, they felt victory over religion, they felt the prowess, and power. When terrorist attacks trail Islamic countries and international communities condemned they denied, but secretly pampered and gave shelters.

Pakistan, the living hell ( it is proved since its birth, till today ) led its citizen with false promises to bankruptcy and poverty and ran a war against India, and tried international community into a false position to support its desire.

Terrorists (all forces of extremism like Taliban , Al-queada, LeT and etc.) are bringing shame for entire Muslim world it should be checked by a civilized society.

Today,  Pakistan is tasting its own blood by its own created monster, the military- ISI- terrorists- militants ( all in a one fold secretly).

After Mumbai attack the face, the responsibility Pakistan had shown to India and other International communities are totally shameful act. When International communities condemning shamelessly Pakistan was fostering and sheltering terrorists.

A few days ago Mr Zardari said it has no fear from terrorists, the whole world watching and worrying about the security of common citizen of Pakistan and Pakistan president and its leaders say nothing to fear. Probably when common Muslims (citizen) would become a literally slave of important Muslims (person) and more blood shed and genocide in the name of allah will take place I hope Pakistan will say “no, we are all right , no problem”.

I think still there is time only responsible and democratic minded people of Pakistan can set the country again toward peace.

Can Muslim burn the force and source what threaten their lives and pull back them to a barbarian age? If they can they would live or they themselves shall return to hell and burn themselves.

Lahore attack is a jihad of Muslim against Muslims, Pakistan against Pakistan, hell against hell and its burning.

We are on alert and watchful.


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